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Honey Bee inspired gifts and decor for the home and kitchen. Printed dishtowels, dishcloth gift sets, embroidered bees on table runner and dishtowels, and easy care jacquard dishtowels.

Great for teachers gifts, housewarming, birthday presents and the bee lover.

Natural Raw Honey

Apiaries 8 is an Australian owned family business based in Brisbane combining three generations of beekeepers. We are passionate about promoting pure Australian honey and supporting the beekeeping industry.

Our busy bees collect premium pollen and nectar from various trees and flowers to go into each and every jar of Apiaries 8 100% Pure Australian Honey.

Our raw honey is cold pressed with no additives so you can enjoy the taste of pure honey, the way Mother Nature intended.

Apiaries 8 offers many unique pure raw honeys, creamed honey, honeycomb, beeswax, gifts and beekeeping equipment.  We are able to supply retail, stockists and wholesale customers.

Taste the Difference!


State Winner

delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards 2019

The delicious. Produce Awards, which are now in their 14th year, unearth and champion Australia’s best and most innovative primary produce and producers with an emphasis on provenance, seasonality and sustainable production methods; they also showcase the people, places and craftsmanship that create the high-quality dining experiences for which Australia is world-renowned.

Apiaries 8 is very proud and honoured to be awarded a State Winner in the “From the Earth” category with our pure and raw honeycomb.  Being a State Winner and to be part of #KnowYourProducer resonates our vision and hard work to produce outstanding Australian produce showcasing our passion, dedication, knowledge and regard for the environment.

Thank you to all our customers, staff and chefs who have given us so much support.

By encouraging people to know their producer and the stories behind the produce, we hope that more Australians will choose to buy locally, which is the best way to support our farmers and small producers.

This is what the delicious. Produce Awards are all about.

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Honey Helps
Maintain Gut Health

Gut bacteria can influence whether we get fat, develop colon cancer, suffer allergies and can influence our mental health.

A 2017 study by Nural Cokcetin at the University of Technology Sydney has found that just 20 grams of honey consumed daily can significantly boost beneficial gut bacteria.

Gut bacteria or microbiome helps us digest food, make essential vitamins, remove toxins, influence our hormones, immune system and the way our brain works.

Gut bacteria sends signals to the brain that can influence serotonin which is associated with happy feelings.

Honey has complex sugars that feed beneficial gut bacterial and stop the growth of harmful ones.  It is this complex sugar and antibacterial activity from chemicals in the nectar, which all honey has, where you can actually get the prebiotic effects.

This prebiotic effect can be obtained from any honey that is beneficial regardless of whether it is Manuka honey or honey branded Prebiotic that you find in supermarkets and health feed stores.  This means you don't need to spend a lot of money to obtain the prebiotic qualities.

If you are looking to boost your gut bacteria beneficially and want to support local businesses like Apiaries 8, then look to buy local honey at an affordable price.